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House and Apartment

de falderal
The House with Apartment is located on Pleasures Road up the Quill in Sint Eustatius. The property is situated on a piece of land of 3000m2 and is situated in a unique location with a wonderful panorama.
The beautiful piece of land on the volcano is surrounded with fruit trees such as Mango, Soursop, Guava and Starfruit. The property also has a large drive way, parking area and cistern (125 m3).



The house has 5 rooms (3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, the livingroom is 130m2.

master bedroomtoilet & shower master bedroom

guest bedroomtoilet & Shower guest bedroom   



The attached apartment is perfectly suited for receiving quests. it has a livingroom, bedroom and a bathroom.

apartment entranceapartment kitchen

apartment bedroomapartment toilet and shower

The house with attached apartment are uniquely situated on a beautiful location on the slopes of the Quill. Therefore you always enjoy the panorama view that is present.

house seen from the quill

Land on Whitewall


Map of St. Eustatius

1. house on Pleasures; 2. Land on Whitewall

The Dutch Antilles ceased to exist on 10 October 2010 (10-10-10). St. Eustatius (Statia), Saba and Bonaire, the so-called BES islands, have become special councils and part of the Netherlands. Slowly but surely, the island is becoming more Dutch and the changes are also having an effect on the way the island is governed albeit with regard for local culture and specific character of the island.

Statia is one of the islands of the entity known as the "Dutch Caribbean", a tropical island of some 13 square miles, about 3.5 miles long and 2 miles wide.

The northwest is hilly whereas the southeast is dominated by the 1800 ft. high volcano called "the Quill". The name is an anglification of the Dutch word "Kuil" with which the crater is meant. The "Culture plain" may be found between both hilly areas, some 90 ft. above sea level.


View of the Quill from the parcels

There are two parcels of land for sale on the south side of the island with a view of St. Kitts, a neighboring British island. Each parcel measures around 10,000 square meters, some 30,000 ft. They are both directly on the coast with an undisturbed view of the Caribbean sea. (location no. 2 on the map).


View of St. Kitts

The parcels may be sold individually, 10,000 square meters each or as one large parcel of 20,000 square meters.

The parcels are situated between a dead-end road on the south side of the island which leads to "Fort de Windt", one of the islands many fortifications and the Caribbean sea. The length of 1 parcel measured along the road is some 70 meters, around 210 ft., while depth from road to sea is 140 meters, some 440 ft. If combined into one parcel the length along the road is some 140 meters with depth as quoted.


View of the Caribbean sea

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Should you require further information about the land and the house for sale, please send an e-mail to the owner:

Mrs. Olga Schats
Pleasure Drive z/n
St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands

Email: statialand@gmail.com